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We are a technology based Start-up company who has launched a platform exclusively for hobbyists. We believe that all Humans are driven by Passion. Passions - they have always loved to do, passions they followed since childhood, but now it’s buried deep down because of work, studies and other mundane life responsibilities. Collecting stamps, amateur theatre groups, travelling around unknown destinations, playing a musical instrument, creating master pieces made out of clay, wood, bids, etc. , collecting cards of superheroes, cartoon characters , etc and the list goes on and on . These are just some of the passion listed here. Every individual is unique in their thoughts and creations. Our passion for the things we loved most helped us to create a platform that will give every individual on Earth to showcase what they have always loved to do, connect with other individuals from all corners of the world driven by the same passion, help them learn from others, even Barter & Exchange and of course earn money out of their passion. We look forward creating a happy world where people can pursue what they have always craved for. We are the hobby people, we are called hobbynetworking.com Please visit us: Email Id: help@hobbynetworking.com Website: hobbynetworking.com

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